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twin peaks, as interpreted by ashley brandt and mathew olson

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    Parts 17 & 18

    Ashley and Mat discuss the finale of The Return.

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    Part 16

    Returning guests Jess Lane (@notjesslane) and Brendan James (@deep_beige) join us for our 50th episode to talk about father-son bonding, texting etiquette, finger sandwiches, and dancing like nobody's watching.

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    Part 15

    Scott Benson (@ImSoSurePodcast) joins us once again as we approach the end of Twin Peaks: The Return.

    It's time to talk about Judy.

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    Part 14

    Joel Bocko (@LostInTheMovies) joins us for a Parisian dream, some sandwiches with cheese, one hell of a Twin Peaks clip show, misophonia triggering noises, a superhero origin story, and... the best scene ever.

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    Part 13

    Conga lines, gym sets, Mormons, existentialism... and a place called Drape Runner Corner. On top of all that, the return of our "favorite" piece of Twin Peaks music. What a week.

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    Part 12

    We talk about Agent Preston, Sarah Palmer, the long-awaited — and oddly frustrating — return of a beloved character, and we brainstorm the perfect way that Mr. Todd could be taken out (it involves a Wendy's).

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    Part 11

    Jess Lane (@notjesslane) joins us to discuss allusions to art, parallels to True Detective, and straight-up references to Se7en in this week's installment. Oh, and we talk about the Briggs situation... you know we do. Apologies for the echo-y audio — the Woodsmen may have interfered.

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    Part 10

    Part 10 wasn't our favorite, but it was a useful jumping-off point to talk about larger concerns with the new series. Plus, how can you not love Albert and Constance?

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    Part 9

    Three investigations. Two Coopers. One sweet, sweet boy. It's the Frostiest episode of the new series yet, and we're here to gab about it.

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    The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

    Our discussion of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer — which assumes you've seen the original series, Fire Walk With Me, The Missing Pieces, Parts 1 through 8 of the new series, and that you've read The Secret History of Twin Peaks. Got that all down? Good.

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    Part 8

    Brendan James (@deep_beige) of Chapo Trap House joins us to discuss Part 8. We ponder woodsmen, soul orbs, gross eggs, Kafka critters, and "The" Nine Inch Nails — plus we take a moment to consider Lynch and Frost's original plans for a third season.

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    Part 7

    Part 7 feels like a real return to the town of Twin Peaks and this episode might feel like a return to the old Twin Peaks Peeks — longer discussions, goofier tangents... and some last minute dunking on Billy Zane.

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    Part 6

    Scott Benson joins us to talk about loss. About getting to know people. About mysterious messages... and... about swearing in the rain.

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    Part 5

    Reckless kids. Shady dealings. Mysterious phone calls. There's a lot of shit to dig through this week — good thing we've got our golden shovels.

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    Parts 3 & 4

    Familiar faces. Unfamiliar spaces. Good fortune. Bad smells. Thumbs up. Furrowed brows.

    Our dharma? Podcasting. Your dharma...

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    Parts 1 & 2

    The stars turn. A time presents itself. Intros are nailed. "Lost" is discussed. As is "Scooby Doo." Billy Ray Cyrus is invoked. A new member joins the Silver Fox Club.

    In other words, Twin Peaks Peeks is back.

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    The Georgia Coffee Ads

    New episodes of Twin Peaks are just a few days away. We're still here. Today we're talking about coffee ads. Join us.

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    The Missing Pieces

    Our discussion of The Missing Pieces (deleted scenes from Fire Walk With Me) and our initial thoughts on the casting news from Showtime!

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    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

    Our discussion of Fire Walk With Me. We also delve a little bit into our thoughts on what the film might mean for season 3 and have a comment or two on the recently released casting news from Showtime, but our extended discussion of the latter will accompany our episode on The Missing Pieces.

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    Beyond Life and Death

    Twin Peaks Peeks finishes Season 2 with guest Scott Benson of I'm So Sure Podcast. This week's cover art is a comparison of the Owl Cave petroglyph with a real petroglyph in Washington, sent to us by Christian Hartleben (@prophit19701).

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    Miss Twin Peaks

    A rocky start to what aired as the first part of the Twin Peaks finale in 1991.

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    The Path to the Black Lodge

    We credit a particular writer for putting the entire Twin Peaks team on their back this week as we approach the season 2 conclusion. There's also a murder offscreen this week, because Twin Peaks.

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    Variations on Relations

    The show starts picking up threads to weave together in the finale. Oh, and Donna makes the least impactful threat ever.

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    On the Wings of Love

    Things are looking up on this week's episode. It's a miracle. A massive, massive miracle.

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    Wounds and Scars

    We try to figure out the motivations driving each character in the show. It only goes sort of well.

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    The Condemned Woman

    Even though there's another new face in Twin Peaks, all eyes are on Ben's FILA jacket.

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    Slaves & Masters

    TPP is back from hiatus with (1) some news about the new series (2) serious discussion (3) Dana Ashbrook talk (4) Chris Pine talk and (5) more Dana Ashbrook talk.

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    Mat got lazy about updating the podcast. If you've already watched the episode, you've got one guess as to what kind of scene we spend time ranking this week.

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    The Black Widow

    Molly Shannon is in this one. In an alternate timeline, Leo would be starting a new business venture. Just pretend a writer's strike happened.

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    Masked Ball

    A wealth of new characters helps us add to the ever-growing pile of Twin Peaks spin-off ideas.

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    Dispute Between Brothers

    Are you on the Twin Peaks "list?" You don't know what the list is? Oh, then you weren't invited.

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    Arbitrary Law

    Fair warning: this episode temporarily becomes a "Lost" podcast. But then again, by the Tommy Westphall Hypothesis, wasn't it always?

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    Drive with a Dead Girl

    Does Twin Peaks let us have private moments with characters? Will Ashley's dream of a Twin Peaks sitcom starring Norma ever be realized? Is Seattle really that far from Twin Peaks?

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    Audrey returns. Josie leaves. The One Armed Man speaks. Bobby and Shelly raid the only party store in all of Twin Peaks.

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    [Bonus] Season 3 Filming Field Trip

    Ashley and Mat discuss their trip to check out the Washington towns where the show was (and is being) filmed! No casting spoilers! #KeepTheMysteryAlive

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    Laura's Secret Diary

    Hey, while you're listening to this episode, pop open your browser and donate to Planned Parenthood. Podcasts about TV shows are nice and all, but real peoples' real healthcare is at risk:

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    The Man Behind Glass

    The hosts return from North Bend, but there are no from-set spoilers for the new series of Twin Peaks. Instead, there are spoilers for Mulholland Drive and a few other things. Whoops.

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    Ashley and Mat discuss: does this show not make room for women in the humorous supporting cast? They watch: Blue Velvet. They eat: creamed corn.

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    May The Giant Be With You

    It's the Season 2 premiere! This week, Ashley and Mat are joined by special guest Scott Benson. All three set out to answer an important question: Who's your favorite Hayward?

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    The Last Evening

    The season one finale of Twin Peaks. There are so many cliffhangers we found a list of them all (warning: list may exaggerate the number of substantive cliffhangers).

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    Realization Time

    The Mystery Teens are particularly busy in this week's episode... but should they be focusing on the mystery of the grapes instead?

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    Cooper's Dreams

    The Icelandic investors arrive in Twin Peaks... but the question is, did they time travel to get there?

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    The One-Armed Man

    There are two really long parts of this REALLY long episode. No, neither of those parts is "Drape Runner Corner."

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    Rest in Pain

    Ashley and Mat discuss funeral fashion and the internet's inability to form good theories around this episode.

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    Traces to Nowhere

    Cooper and Audrey flirt, Donna does Laura dirty, and a fish goes for a swim in some coffee.

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    The first episode of Twin Peaks Peeks! Extra long because the Pilot is too. If you like the show, subscribe and share it with your friends!

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