Twin Peaks Peeks
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twin peaks, as interpreted by ashley brandt and mathew olson

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    Part 16

    Returning guests Jess Lane (@notjesslane) and Brendan James (@deep_beige) join us for our 50th episode to talk about father-son bonding, texting etiquette, finger sandwiches, and dancing like nobody's watching.

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    Part 15

    Scott Benson (@ImSoSurePodcast) joins us once again as we approach the end of Twin Peaks: The Return.

    It's time to talk about Judy.

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    Part 14

    Joel Bocko (@LostInTheMovies) joins us for a Parisian dream, some sandwiches with cheese, one hell of a Twin Peaks clip show, misophonia triggering noises, a superhero origin story, and... the best scene ever.

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    Part 13

    Conga lines, gym sets, Mormons, existentialism... and a place called Drape Runner Corner. On top of all that, the return of our "favorite" piece of Twin Peaks music. What a week.

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    Part 12

    We talk about Agent Preston, Sarah Palmer, the long-awaited — and oddly frustrating — return of a beloved character, and we brainstorm the perfect way that Mr. Todd could be taken out (it involves a Wendy's).

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    Part 11

    Jess Lane (@notjesslane) joins us to discuss allusions to art, parallels to True Detective, and straight-up references to Se7en in this week's installment. Oh, and we talk about the Briggs situation... you know we do. Apologies for the echo-y audio — the Woodsmen may have interfered.

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    Part 10

    Part 10 wasn't our favorite, but it was a useful jumping-off point to talk about larger concerns with the new series. Plus, how can you not love Albert and Constance?

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    Part 9

    Three investigations. Two Coopers. One sweet, sweet boy. It's the Frostiest episode of the new series yet, and we're here to gab about it.

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    The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

    Our discussion of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer — which assumes you've seen the original series, Fire Walk With Me, The Missing Pieces, Parts 1 through 8 of the new series, and that you've read The Secret History of Twin Peaks. Got that all down? Good.

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    Part 8

    Brendan James (@deep_beige) of Chapo Trap House joins us to discuss Part 8. We ponder woodsmen, soul orbs, gross eggs, Kafka critters, and "The" Nine Inch Nails — plus we take a moment to consider Lynch and Frost's original plans for a third season.

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